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Walking Tours

Below are a few suggestions of the places that have been most requested. Walking tours are very flexible.
Westminster Walk
Trafalgar Square, a walk down Whitehall and passed Downing Street towards the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Move onto Horse Guards Parade, along The Mall to finish at Buckingham Palace.

City of London Walk

The City is where London began and it is not just financial institutions. Ancient Roman remains, the Guildhall, St Paul's Cathedral, Leadenhall Market and a variety of old churches. Oh, and the Bank of England!

Greenwich Walk
The centre of the world, literally!  Greenwich has been the site of a royal palace and a naval academy and its maritime history is evident. This gem of London has a village feel, great views and plenty of pubs and restaurants.
City Blitz Walk
The traditional view of the Blitz is only about 25% of the story. Britain also suffered a Blitz in the First World War and this affected British strategy, and why the UK did not surrender in the Second World. Hear about the different aerial attacks and and see the last remaining evidence of the bombing. They are here if you know where to look.
Westminster War Walk
This area has Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square - but often overlooked are the dozens of statues and monuments that honour the bravery of many men and women of Britain and the Commonwealth, particularly from the Second World War. This tour will combine traditional sights with some military stories.

River Banks Walk 

The River Thames is the lifeline of London, the main thoroughfare for centuries. A walk along the river provides wonderful views and plenty of refreshment stops! Cross over a bridge and see things from the other side. If you prefer not to walk we can take one one the public transport river boats.


Covent Garden Walk

This area was a slum during the time of Charles Dickens. But it started as an elegant dwelling place and has become well known for boutique shops and cafes, street entertainers, theatre and the Royal Opera House.

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